Building a Vision of Collaboration for Minority Communities, Industry, Education and Government

America Unites’ SMART (Small/Medium and Active Registered Technology ) Companies regional program  design (SMART Inc.) fosters hope and economic development in urban and rural communities of need across the U.S. and around the world through industry inclusion, mentorship and workforce readiness training, employment and business ownership.


America Unites  connects communities of need to industry led knowledge management, infrastructure and technology innovation, municipal communication and workforce readiness systems research and development that creates new possibilities and pathways out of poverty.

SMART Inc. empowers communities and builds on the promise of our American Dream.  SMART Inc. is a comprehensive  results-driven partnerships with federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profits, fatih-based organizations, corporations, public housing authorities (PHAs) and the $100 Billion U.S. minority technology industry.

SMART Inc.  is a research project developed through the National Minority Technology Council’s Looking Forward Research & Development initiative.  The purpose of this design based research project is to develop 20 Regional Gateway Centers Across America.


NMTC Regional Gateway Centers also provides Cybersecurity training and other STEM-CTE workforce pathways to  qualified participants in places of learning and faith, in an effort to build capacity and workforce outcomes in communities now disenfranchised from mainstream America.

Center for SMART Innovation

Design Based Research – Solution Domain

Over the past 8 years The National Minority Technology Council (NMTC | www.nmtcouncil.org) has investigated the behaviors and characteristics of community stakeholders in targeted regional workforce systems.  Our research was based on the postulate that if we better understood the dynamic relationships among the people and organizations within the system, there could be a framework developed that would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. The focus was on the ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) workforce value chain in low-to-moderate and middle class income communities that have a larger minority population.



Creating short and long-term industry approved instructional plans and strategies to encourage the development of problem-solving, critical thinking , and teamwork


American Innovation Ecosystem Framework

Our vision of collaboration ensures an increase in community access to workforce opportunities and resources.  We accomplish this by utilizing growth algorithms to increase community economic capacity and education relevance through industry led public-private partnerships and research based cooperative agreements.


EnVision Centers

Envision Center – Industry/Workforce Community Collaboration


In order to test the effectiveness of collaborative efforts by government, industry, and nonprofit organizations there would need to be a focus on solutions that accelerate economic mobility, particularly for low-income households in communities that include government housing assistance.

AU SMART Regions provide technical assistance in developing the necessary agreements that will lead to a centralized hubbing of resources that explore the potential of new research based service-delivery mechanisms that create the ability to benefit from life-changing opportunities.  These life changing opportunities utilize the four pillars of Economic Empowerment, Educational Advancement, Health and Wellness, and Character and Leadership.


Vendor Governance

Vendor Governance is an internal procurement management system that facilitates teaming relationships between the minority technology industry and our public/private sector trading/research/service delivery partners.